Bringing amazing Lebanese flavours to the Scarborough region, Toronto’s own Al’deewan Bakery is an authentic open flame bakery specializing in Manakeesh, Lebanese pies, Lebanese-style pizza, baked goods, and all kinds of unique offerings.

Al’deewan Bakery was founded by successful Toronto businessman Mohammed El-Karaouni, who’s overseen everything from the initial planning stages to designing the interior and menu. El-Karaouni is recognized across southern Ontario as the founder and current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of well-known tent company Outlet Tags Canopies, ltd. He is also a proud member of thirteen years with the Toronto Police Service!

Prior to opening Al’deewan Bakery, to get authentic Manakeesh, you’d have to go all the way to Ottawa to get it. As someone who loves Manakeesh and similar Lebanese-style dishes, I was tired of having to wait to visit Ottawa to pick up authentically prepared Manakeesh. So with this in mind, I put myself to work to build the ultimate Lebanese bakery in the GTA.

It’s no secret there’s no shortage of Toronto pizza joints. That said, trying to find an authentic Lebanese bakery is another story. Prior to Al’deewan Bakery, there was a huge gap in the marketplace here. Take Manakeesh, meat pies, cheese pies, or spinach pies, for example. The authentic way to make these the right way, according to Lebanese-style, is by using an open flame. No Scarborough bakery outside of Al’deewan Bakery does this. Instead, they use pizza ovens, which does not unlock the full flavour nor does it produce an authentic Lebanese dish.

As a true open flame bakery, we offer authentic Lebanese bakery products that can’t be found anywhere else. Pay low prices and get an amazing tasting authentic food we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Please feel encouraged to come and visit our new professional looking storefront and beautiful interior.

As Toronto’s Middle Eastern and international populations continue to grow, Al’deewan Bakery wants to be a part of building a peaceful and inclusive community, and we believe food has a tremendous role to play in this. After all, food allows us to learn more about other cultures, to gather with friends and family, and to see and meet with others in our local communities that we may not have otherwise come into contact with. As we continue to forge ahead, we hope Al’deewan Bakery can become a type of gathering place for those seeking good food and healthy, friendly company. For anyone seeking variety, new flavors, and authentic cuisine, we would love the opportunity to serve you some of our most delicious Lebanese-style meals.

In the years to come, Al’deewan Bakery hopes to continue to provide exposure to new, unfamiliar and traditional Middle Eastern foods. As we continue to grow, we hope to learn more about the community of people and friends that we call ‘customers’. The tremendous growth we’ve already seen continues to encourage us to provide only the freshest, highest quality bakery products to those coming from across Toronto to try us.

When it comes to Middle Eastern bakery products, these are something that’s a part of the national food culture in the region. Cooked authentically in the kitchens of families and in restaurants throughout Lebanon and abroad, we’re looking to bring a little bit of this over to Toronto to share with our friends and family here the amazing tastes and flavours found in these dishes.

The simple Lebanese tastes of Manakeesh, our exclusive Al’deewan Bakery pies, and the other baked goods make them easy to work into any brunch, lunch, dinner, or late night snack. Since we’ve opened, we’ve already served hundreds who’ve come in for every meal of the day. For the best deals and/or if you’re on a budget, visit Al’deewan Bakery at lunchtime to receive the lowest prices on popular and favourite Lebanese falafel sandwiches, and more.

At Al’deewan Bakery, we’ve gone the extra mile in ensuring all of our dishes are prepared according to authentic and traditional standards. There’s no dish more important to us than our Manakeesh, which for some Canadians in Scarborough, might be a new food. If you’ve never had it before, know that Manakeesh is one of the most popular Eastern Mediterranean foods in the region. Manakeesh works from a base of dough and then, is typically topped with thyme, cheese, ground meat, and other ingredients as requested. In the Middle East, Manakeesh would traditionally be prepared in community ovens in the morning. After the dough baked, women would traditionally take this bread back to the family home, supplying everyone with bread topped with a range of ingredients depending on whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

At Al’deewan Bakery, we’ve invested a lot in ensuring our Manakeesh is prepared just like it would be in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, or any of the other countries or cities where this dish is so popular. We take great pride in the quality of our Manakeesh and thus, we’ve come to apply this same attention to detail to how we approach our pizzas, sandwiches, and other Lebanese-style bakery menu items. We can guarantee there’s nothing quite like our Manakeesh, pizzas, or sandwiches in the city. We’re so happy to be able to bring a true variety of authentic Middle Eastern bakery foods to the Toronto region!

Customers from across Toronto, Scarborough, Canada, and tourists from across the world have consistently rated us with high marks, and we hope you will too. When it comes to today’s demands for quick food preparation, nutritious meals, and tasty snacks, Al’deewan Bakery sits in its own category. New and returning customers who come through our doors seeking a hot meal routinely walk out with smiles on their faces and some of the most delicious Lebanese-style bakery food in their hands. If you’ve never had Middle Eastern bakery goods before, we’re confident in saying Al’deewan Bakery’s the best. Enjoy the flavours, generous portion sizes, and low price points!

Come visit the new location at 1415 Kennedy Rd., #9, to see what we’re talking about. Serving our famous Lebanese food, we use only the best ingredients to prepare our sought-after dishes. Every day, we do our best to bring a little bit of home back to Toronto. We want to create something great in the community for fans of Lebanese bakery foods. Combining rich experience and a passion for food, it’s our ultimate hope to bring something to Toronto that hasn’t been popularized here yet. Combining local and fresh ingredients, authentic Lebanese bakery foods can be found at Al’deewan’s any time. Satisfying and tasty, choose from hot and delicious Halal Manakeesh, hot Halal pizzas, lunch-time special Lebanese falafel sandwiches, walk-in specials, and more at Al’deewan’s.

There’s no better place to find Halal pizza or Lebanese Village style bakery items than Al’deewan Bakery, the top Lebanese bakery in Toronto. Please feel free to drop in anytime!